KAPLA® and Tom's Toys LLC
KAPLA is a French company since 1987! Our US office is in Charleston, South Carolina. Here, we also have a toy shop where visitors can freely play with KAPLA! All KAPLA products are also available for purchase there. Please come and visit us!

KAPLA is a wooden construction toy! Each plank is identically sized and made from pine wood from a sustainable forest in the South of France. The unique size of the blocks, which are in the ratio of 1:3:5, make them ideal for building many kinds of structures.

The KAPLA concept is simple! It does not require glue, screws, or clips. Only gravity and balance! Each block is simply placed one on top the other.

Safe and High-Quality
KAPLA is made out of 100% untreated wood from a renewable forest in the South of France. High precision manufacturing ensures that each plank is perfectly balanced and smooth. The blocks are all the same size but the grain of wood makes each and every one of them unique.

All of our raw materials are carefully selected and tested by specialised independent laboratories. Products are subjected to quality controls and meet all national and international standards. KAPLA is a durable toy that lasts for many years.

Born in the Netherlands, Tom van der Bruggen is the creator of KAPLA. Tom van der Bruggen studied the Art History and had always dreamt of building a castle. As he was passing the Tarn River in the South of France, he fell in love with an old ruined farm and decided to turn the farm into the castle of his dreams with little towers, fountains and a carriage entrance.

While making the scale drawings for it, he played around with wooden blocks to see what the structure would look like. He soon discovered that the blocks were not at all well adapted for building certain elements like floors, roofs and support walls.

Unsatisfied with the possibilities of these blocks, Tom van der Bruggen invented a block which is in fact a little plank based on the progressions of the uneven numbers 1:3:5. This unique ratio opens up a whole new way of building. With these identically sized KAPLA planks you can construct with precision of artwork and the stability of stones.

With KAPLA, children can build and create the most wonderful creations - palaces, bridges, dragons and futuristic towers. Just use your imagination and start creating. Everything is possible with KAPLA!